February 02, 2015

Dubai Becomes the Third Largest Place in terms of Cargo Traffic

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Dubai is observing a marvelous growth in almost every sector. We have seen recently that the Dubai International Airport was announced the busiest airport in the world. An aero plan takes off or lands every 92 second at Dubai International airport. It has developed itself as vital business and tourist hub in the region.
DXB-1Dubai International airport handled more number of passengers than any other airport in the world in 2014 and they are still growing.
The success stories of Dubai seem to be endless as Dubai has achieved another milestone. It has now become the third largest place in terms of cargo traffic after South Korea and Honk Kong.
DXB-2The cargo traffic in Dubai is growing at a rapid pace and it is expected to achieve the mark of 4 million tons of cargo in 2020. In 2014 the tonnage of Dubai was a little above 2.4 million tons. The main reason for South Korea and Hong Kong’s top position is their production. Both of these countries are manufacturing countries and they produce a huge quantity of goods that are carried to countries all over the world. The Dubai International Airport management is quite hopeful of getting the top position in terms of annual tonnage volume till 2020.